Breast density is a strong risk factor for breast cancer and is also a marker for breast cancer development. The purpose of this study is to determine how metabolites in the blood are associated with breast density. Metabolites are small chemicals in the blood which play critical roles in keeping our cells healthy and functioning properly.

Study Goal

Study findings will help us understand why some women have dense breasts while others do not. It will, thus, lay the groundwork to determine whether metabolites that can be intervened upon are associated with breast density and ultimately breast cancer risk, thus contributing to breast cancer prevention in younger women.

Recruitment has been closed for the Metabolomics study and publications are in process!

Metabolomics Study Recruitment

RACENumber (%)
Non-Hispanic White333 (74%)
Non-Hispanic Black95 (21%)
Hispanic10 (2%)
Asian11 (2%)
American Indian/Alaska Native/Pacific Islander0 (0%)
Other1 (1%)

Funding: NIH/NCI R01CA246592 (PI: Toriola)